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So I pre-ordered an I2 with the X5S camera. The camera and gimbal look identical to the X5 physically. DJI shows the following camera as being compatible with the X5S but I don't see it in the list above.

Panasonic Lumix 14-42mm/3.5-5.6 HD

So two questions:
Does anyone know if this lens works on the X5?
Does anyone have experience with this lens?

I watched the review on the Olympus 14-42mm zoom lens and the review seemed mixed. My biggest concern was how hard it fits onto the camera.

Any help would be appreciated.
@Rotofan yeah that confused me too, I didn't think that lens was commonly used on X5. That lens is not a power zoom and it's considerably longer than the Olympus 14-42 mm EZ.

I have tried the Olympus 14-42 mm EZ on my X5, and yes it did not fit properly. You would have to grind down some of the grip for it to fit. This is strange, since DJI stock a balancing ring option for it...

Of the lenses I tried, I like most the Panasonic 42.5 mm, it fit very neatly and didn't need balancing. I guess it depends what you're going to photograph. I have bought the Panasonic 35-100 mm instead, wanting the longest telephoto I could balance easily.

Thanks for the response! I am going to have to noodle on this a little more. I will checkout Panasonic 35-100mm.
Not sure how they got the Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm f/2.8 Lens working, it says "lens not connected" and does not focus. Anyone have this problem or know of a solution? Maybe the lens is bad?
@jlvencl Occasionally my 35-100 mm has a distorted image and brings up some error message. Usually turning the drone on and off fixes the problem. You could also try putting the DJI 15 mm on and trying again. Sorry I am only interested in tele's so I haven't tried the 17 mm you speak of.

@Rotofan, I've since tried the 14-42 mm again and despite being tight, it did fit.
Does any body know what the best tele is, regarding distortion issues (pincushion) as well as (barrel). I am currently using the Olympus 14-42mm ez and it works great for stills, but I'm getting distortion in my images on the tele end. I'm using it for inspections so the distortions may be an issue. I've noticed lots of vibration issues due to the grip ring touching the gimbal, Filing this down helps. I'm sure this vibration issue is why it's only recommended for stills. Also a side note. Olympus makes an auto closing cap for this lens that has the same weight as the DJI balancing ring. Big question is if there is an ASPH tele zoom that will work within the app and the x5

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