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  1. Casey53
    Try cleaning the contacts between the camera and gimbal would be my first plan.
  2. Casey53
    You might need the Sinars! :D I had to scrounge around eBay to find the CC Green ones. I had to use a stronger CC 10 Green for the stock lens too where the Olympus 45mm took a CC 5 Green. I...
  3. Whitestone
    Wow!!, someone who still uses CC filters! I was about to get rid of all my Sinar ones; might have to keep them now.
  4. Dragonfly 1
    Does any body know what the best tele is, regarding distortion issues (pincushion) as well as (barrel). I am currently using the Olympus 14-42mm ez and it works great for stills, but I'm getting...
  5. VaDroneGuy
    That's cool that it last 4 years. I had no idea. What would really be cool to see is the request that got you that waiver.