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    Flying on Baffin Island, Nunavut

    Good day everyone, I have a shoot in Iqaluit/Frobisher Bay coming up in September. I wonder if anyone has experience flying there as it relates to visible sats, flying atti mode, battery life, etc. Troubleshooting for the future and appreciating any advise anyone can give me. Cheers, David
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    Carbon fibre pole with GoPro Omni VR rig attached to an Inspire 1?

    Thanks for that Extreme, much appreciated.
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    Carbon fibre pole with GoPro Omni VR rig attached to an Inspire 1?

    I have an Inspire 1 and a client is asking me if we can hang a carbon fibre pole with a GoPro Omni VR rig on it. Has anyone ever tried something like this? Is it possible? And if so, what would I have to get to make it work? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Cheers, 2020
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    Battery Advise

    i might buy a couple if i had a 20% discount. when they tell me they've taken care of my 'ticket' i just reply that it's only fair for them to replace my 3. same ole same ole. great product, terrible company.
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    Battery Advise

    after sending four batteries back because they wouldn't charge, because of prolonged inactivity over the winter, dji sends me one back and keeps three, telling me they're swollen. for the record and this post, i did try to upgrade their firmware. the one they sent back, when i try to charge...
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    ****INSPIRE 1 TB47 battery for $100 CDN - 2 TB48 Battery for $120.00 CDN AND MORE****

    where are you located? canada? duhhh, yes of course you are since you're asking canadian $'s. still though, whereabouts?
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    We may be small in numbers but we're here!

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    i am looking for batteries too. called b&h in new york and spoke to one of their salesmen. for the record, this is a terrific retailer. he told me that there will be a new tb48 released in a couple of weeks that will provide a guage that will tell one how much charge is on the battery. with...
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    Battery Advise

    i appreciate your comments and perspectives all. dji is a very frustrating company and i'm too far in to give up on them. wish i didn't have to say this.
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    Inspire Pro 1 - Wheel Case - Extra Batteries - Used Twice

    are the 3 batteries still available for sale brian? if so, where are you located and at what price are you selling them? cheers, david
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    Battery Advise

    thanks editor, i couldn't agree more. dji has proven to be a major disappointment. i say this after i now have two inspire 1's and 3 of 7 batteries working. i've emailed them back and hope they show some sort of honor in their dealings with me, although i'm not holding my breath. i wish i...
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    Battery Advise

    Being in Canada, I didn't fly over the winter and recently brought my I1 out of hibernation. When I did firmware updates and recharging of batteries, four of my seven TB47's didn't charge. I sent them back to DJI for repair and they told me they were out of warranty and I could replace them at...
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    ****INSPIRE 1 TB47 battery for $100 CDN - 2 TB48 Battery for $120.00 CDN AND MORE****

    if still available, i will buy all your batteries asap. i'm in ottawa. text me at 613-371-3036. david
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    if still available, i will buy all your batteries. i'm in ottawa. please text me at 613-371-3036 david
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    I1 without camera, batteries, controller, etc wanted

    and for the record, i sent my i1 priority post july 4th which dji signed for july 9th. today i received notice that it's been checked in ... so now with a stated 5-6 week repair/return lag, i can expect to receive it 8-9 weeks later. pretty pitiful repair department if you ask me.