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Recent content by adwb

  1. adwb

    Lost Inspire 1 HELP locate please

    Brilliant news you are very lucky . Thank goodness it was still there
  2. adwb

    Lost Inspire 1 HELP locate please

    Others will help with the who know the places to upload to but, given the location good luck man
  3. adwb

    3rd Party Batteries

    I am surprised given the large ,I think, numbers of I1 owners and also given the investment some have made in cameras chargers and other 3rd party accessories that the batteries and the props have not appeared as available from other supplies than DJI. I understand that DJI have to pull the...
  4. adwb

    Inspire 2 Standard Anti-Collision Lights

    In day light, full sun? Or dull conditions? Not sure I can see mine that far that 300 meters
  5. adwb

    Issues with DJI Europe (Netherlands)

    I should also say in sprit f honesty tell you that I sent my I1 to DJI in Holland under a care package claim. I had a issue with the z3 camera not working with the I1 , all I sent was the bird and the camera and one battery that I knew was faulty, but I never mentioned the battery fault. I got...
  6. adwb

    Issues with DJI Europe (Netherlands)

    You have every right to expect to get your battery back, faulty or not, and you should go beyond asking, but demand you get it back. I would suggest that either the live on line support or even the phone is the way to deal with this, make sure you have all the details, job numbers, postage info...
  7. adwb

    How to compete?

    I feel for you, it’s been the same with the photographic industry, some of us spent years learning at the feet of others and learnt the business costing as well as the imaging side of it. Then digital cameras came out and the down turn in the economies and every one with a job became a “pro”...
  8. adwb

    Oregon small aircraft drone strike

    Proof required, never seen footage or broken drone yet despite all these claims world wide.
  9. adwb

    Zenmuse X3 smoother than X5 or Hasselblad?

    The video container makes no difference, I suspect it’s due to the frame rate, shutter speed combination effect. You need all three to be identical settings to test effectively
  10. adwb

    Was the investment worth it

    I get very confused about what’s allowed and what’s not, I thought you could not fly over buildings and and always have line of sight?
  11. adwb

    Greetings from South Africa.

    ya I just had a look regs are much the same you just have a huge amount of open and unoccupied spaces com paired to the UK plus the better weather!! The commercial side seems to be horrifically expensive if this is to be believed. COMMERCIAL OPERATIONS Commercial operations are permitted with...
  12. adwb

    Greetings from South Africa.

    It is nice to see a fellow SA citizen, welcome, I envy you and your lack of regulations, compared to us in the western countries where it is getting harder and harder to fly with out somebody complaining or inventing fake news near misses and airport airspace invasions.
  13. adwb

    Never in 2 years of flying did I get grounded by NFZ until......

    2 miles away? Why can't you fly?
  14. adwb

    Inspire 1 - Landing Gear Solution

    hope this is of use inspire manual for you https://dl.djicdn.com/downloads/INSPIRE+1+series/20171221/INSPIRE_1_V2.0_User_Manual_EN.pdf using the controller page 6 or How To Put DJI Inspire 1 into Travel Mode | Heliguy using the djigo app
  15. adwb

    Inspire 1 - Landing Gear Solution

    i still use the original case to transport mine and i use the lid top as the slippy surface for raising and lowering