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Recent content by Alex G

  1. Alex G

    240GB CineSSD plus CineSSD Station USB-3

    I only have the reader for $150
  2. Alex G

    Used Inspire 2 - Battery Advice Wanted

    If your batteries are swelling, replace them! There is no reason why they should with the low usage so I would look at your storage and maintenance and see what you can do there to improve that in the future. But you are putting way to much thought and calculations into this and you are going to...
  3. Alex G

    240GB CineSSD plus CineSSD Station USB-3

    Not sure what you mean about something with "cyeung", but I'm looking for $600 for both.
  4. Alex G

    240GB CineSSD plus CineSSD Station USB-3

    4rotors, you would have to pay for the shipping and will only ship 48 hours after payment was received.
  5. Alex G

    240GB CineSSD plus CineSSD Station USB-3

    Selling 240gb SSD stick for the Inspire 2 along with the station. This has only been recorded on once and is in mint condition. I will ship anywhere in the U.S. for no additional price. $600. Located in Miami, Fl.
  6. Alex G


    I've actually had more inspections from people not wanting to travel but at the same time, things have been horrible this year. These last 2 months have been getting better being busy in all areas of commercial real estate, investors not wanting to travel and mapping.
  7. Alex G

    Latest Software Update Help!

    I flew yesterday with the Inspire 2 and this update still has not fixed my "drifting" issue. It will slowly turn to the left. This was happening before the update and I thought this update was supposed to fix this. Anyone else having this issue? Could it be a propeller or some other balancing...
  8. Alex G

    Insp. 2 water crash nightmare today

    Wow, that was cool. Will it handle an Inspire 2 weight?
  9. Alex G

    Latest Software Update Help!

    Will fly again this afternoon so we will see if its resolved. I will update then.
  10. Alex G

    Latest Software Update Help!

    Flying the Inspire 2. So i just went to trouble shoot it and try to figure this out and it gave me another update. Now I'm on Aircraft Version no. 01.02.0500, Camera
  11. Alex G

    Latest Software Update Help!

    So on a few message boards i bragged about not having issues with the new update until yesterdays flight where karma bit my ***, my x4s will not turn on. I still have control of the movement of the camera but I have a black screen. I also had an issue with the perimeter sensors which was beeping...
  12. Alex G

    Inspired Fraud (Pun intended)

    Mr eaton uses the same email on everyone. I actually received a second one via text and responded, "where do we put the dead bodies" and then quickly responded again, sorry wrong group chat, how can I help you again? He didn't respond..... They prayed on everyone going through covid difficulties...
  13. Alex G

    DOJ BAN DJI, alternatives?

    I was starting to get government contracts and have the same concerns. The problem is that I haven't seen an American competitor for the price of a DJI. That's a dilemma. It obviously (for those confused post above) it wont affect my private work since most consumers don't even ask but again for...
  14. Alex G

    Rainy Days in South Florida

    Rainy Days in South Florida
  15. Alex G

    Mute startup chime

    Please tell me its in the settings and ive missed it? Is there a toggle?