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    FOUND - WTB used Z3

    Pmd u.
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    FOUND - WTB used Z3

    Thanks Starz!
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    Noob question X3 to Z3

    I’m mainly looking for it for a local SAR team. Don’t have a big budget right now so the Z3 would do nicely for what we are looking to do with it.
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    FOUND - WTB used Z3

    I know this is a very old thread but does anyone have a Z3 for sale?
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    Noob question X3 to Z3

    Looks like exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks for posting!
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    Z3 for inspection of construction

    Thanks starz. That’s looks on par with what I thought it would.
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    Noob question X3 to Z3

    Syazoo thanks for the reply. At this point I’m just looking for any input from any current owner to make sure I am correct in investing my money. The image looks what I would have expected. I do appreciate your post.
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    Noob question X3 to Z3

    How are you liking your Z3? I’m considering getting on and would love some feedback! Thanks.
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    Re-celling inspire batteries

    Can you swap the tops of the TB48S to the inspire top or are they completely different size?
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    Hasabat 6000mah battery for Inspire 1

    I’ve been contemplating getting one of these. Need to find some old batteries that people are selling first! Haha.
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    Hello from middle TN

    Hello all! Any other inspire flyers in TN? Thanks for having me in the group.
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    Z3 for inspection of construction

    Hello all. Is the Z3 camera adequate for doing inspections of buildings, bridges and so on? Is the zoom good enough to produce the detail that is required for these jobs? Thanks.
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    X5 broken

    Hi guys. This X5 is broken at the mount. Is this an easy fix? Image still transmits but the adapter is bent out of whack. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    DJI X5 Gimbal with DJI lens

    What are you asking for the camera with no lens?