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Recent content by BarneyMeyer

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    Hello from Australia

    G'day Peter, I'm Barney from Melbourne. I had a P4P before I upgraded to I2/X7/50mmDL, which enables me to capture 3Gpx aerial panoramas.
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    Zenmuse X7 Lens Calibration

    Hi Zoran. I use the X7 with 50mm and 35mm DL lenses mainly. The systems seems stable, but I shoot 3Gpx aerial panoramas each with 150+ frames. If any frame is out of focus I have to throw the pano out. I always calibrate the focus before a flight, the rest of the calibrations seem stable but...
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    Inspire2-X7 panoramic technique success

    As Brett8883 said, Why is PTGUI the best for drone aerial panoramas? The drone camera embeds metadata into each DNG image frame: date/time, GPS position, Yaw, Pitch, Roll of the camera. In the early days of drones only Autopano Giga (now defunct) was able to read this data but PTGUI quickly came...
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    Inspire2-X7 panoramic technique success

    Agree completely! I use exactly the same workflow. Honestly, I don't know of a better workflow and I have tried many.
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    Inspire2-X7 panoramic technique success

    Lastly, I would love to have a light and portable programmable pano head which is smaller than the Mecha, because sometimes the only view to the outside of a tower is through a small hole. But unfortunately, all the Ronin heads seem to be for mobile phones (rubbish for quality panos) or video...
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    Inspire2-X7 panoramic technique success

    For high resolution (Gpx+) I use manual gimbals with wide lenses and a programmed gimbal with long lenses. "Long" I will define as 50mm and above, because a 50mm lens on my SonyA7R2 will give me a 2.7Gpx panorama of 360x180°. The Nodal Ninja Mecha range is very tough, programmable, and will...
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    Inspire2-X7 panoramic technique success

    Donnie Frank & Brett8883: Good questions! I'll have to answer with a few examples, because this is also a new problem that I want to solve. This is the frame pattern for a 3Gpx aerial from I2/X7?50mm DL. 142 frames are shot from the air using Litchi. The upper sky frames were shot from the...
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    Inspire2-X7 panoramic technique success

    What Brett8883 said! Lightroom is a very poor tool for stitching panoramas. Every large panorama that I capture is stitched in PTGUI Pro. I guess that if you're playing around with a handheld camera, Lightroom isn't too bad, but I never use it. Panoramas captured by a drone have the lens data...
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    Inspire2-X7 panoramic technique success

    What Dobmatt said! Litchi works very reliably with my I2/X7/50mmDL lens. HDRPano and other apps have failed or are totally unreliable. Please do an aperture check on your lenses. My X7 50mm DL is sharpest at f/5.6, therefore I keep it at that setting. (Tested on a bench, with a lens chart at...
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    Is the Inspire 2 still relevant in 2021 after being 4 years old?

    I'm happy to agree with the points raised here. And I keenly look at the specs of new drones like the MP3 and other manufacturers. There is nothing else equivalent to the I2 in terms of quality. I had a P4P and helped many MP2 users get the best out of their drones, but only the I2/X7/50mm DL...
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    How does the Mavic 3 compare to the Inspire 2?

    I agree! The Mavic3 Pro is focused more on Cine. My I2/X7 captures very high resolution aerial panoramas (3Gpx), whereas the Mavic3 Pro will only be able to produce ~380Mpx, which is approx the same as the M2P. Here is an example of a 3Gpx aerial panorama 3Gpx view of Melbourne
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    Inspire2-X7 panoramic technique success

    Great posts here guys, happy to here of others using the Inspire for aerial panoramas. I have been capturing 360°x180° aerial panoramas of 3Gpx resolution with the Inspire2 X7 50mm DL lens. Fantastic drone and camera. This virtual tour from altitude ~120m should be viewed on a large screen (not...