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Recent content by ctp

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    Is this legit?

    Not a publicity stunt, but not intended in any way for the consumer market. The one comment we got here out of Tahoe_Ed is that it's a test mule platform for SDK users aimed at the industrial market.
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    DJI Joins the Micro Four Thirds Consortium

    That's why I really like the integrated gimbal and camera setup of the Inspire with the QD. Each "Camera" (sensor, lens, gimbal, QD) is an integrated package customized for fit and balance.
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    A little news from DJI - and it's not the best...

    Many companies completely botch new product releases and customer service, no matter where they are based. Motorola has completely botched every device release they have been in charge of (before, during, and after Google ownership), as well as Google itself (the whole freaking Nexus line...
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    DJI Inspire 1 confirmed Pick up 30 dec.

    Did you order directly from amazon or a 3rd party?
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    my order was cancelled!!!

    In your conversations with Amazon did you get any confirmation that they have already have placed an order or any ETA?
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    InspirePilots.com DJI Swag Box Christmas Giveaway

    Thank you! You could have reasonably kept this for yourself.
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    Recording video raw on inspire?

    My favorite part is Storage Rates 8MB per frame using 4K CinemaDNG RAW fits about 20 minutes of video on a 256 GB solid state disk. Compressed Ultra HD formats fit more than 5 times the amount of RAW video. 256GB per 20 minutes of video at 4K Raw. That's 5 minutes on a 64G microSD card, if you...
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    Delay in delivery of inspire1

    DJI has clarified several times that currently you must have two controllers to pan the camera. They are exploring a software change in the future that will allow you to pan a camera with a single controller, but there is no guarantee that option will ever be released or available. When in...
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    First shipments to dealers or dji.com pre-orders?

    The correct statement would be "You can purchase the p2* and the Inspire through Amazon from 3rd party sellers and from Amazon directly" The only difference with the Inspire right now is that Amazon (direct) is listing the Inspire as "Temporarily out of stock" while the 3rd party sellers are...
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    Delay in delivery of inspire1

    Were they willing to say how many they have sold out of the 250 or total?
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    First shipments to dealers or dji.com pre-orders?

    Amazon does sell the p2 variants directly. There is also a listing for purchasing the Inspire directly from Amazon, but it says "Temporarily out of stock". http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00PQISFO4/ref=dp_olp_new_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=new
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    DJI Inspire One VS DJI S900 with GH4

    I'm sorry you've had such poor experience with zoom lenses on an aerial platform. I've had very good results with zoom lenses and some of the applications my customers are working on require zoom. I'm coming to the Inspire from the opposite direction of most people, I've been working with...
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    Inspire 1 - Lightbridge and Optical Flow performance

    2.4GHz doesn't "bend" much. Performance through trees is weak, performance through mountains is nonexistant. 2.4GHz is better than 5GHz outdoors, but you are still restricted mostly to line of sight (though the RPV may be a very tiny speck at maximum range). Lower frequencies perform much...
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    my order was cancelled!!!

    I would prefer to buy directly from Amazon, but they are not listed as an authorized vendor by DJI, so it might be a while before they get any in stock to sell.
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    DJI Inspire One VS DJI S900 with GH4

    This is really one of the coolest aspects of the Inspire, the QD camera and gimbal opens the platform up to many camera options. The new breed of cheap IR sensors (Seek Thermal) will answer one market segment. The filters can be interesting, but we'd have to know how much weight can be...