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Recent content by Eyeup Arial Solutions

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    Are drone directories worth paying for

    Fair enough. On the issue of permissions and exemptions, I don’t think there is a way to simplify them. CAA is purely there to regulate safe use of airspace. They don’t take sides and they don’t show favour. If an organisation makes an application for exemptions, on whatever basis, they have...
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    Are drone directories worth paying for

    So which bit of my reply is inaccurate? I gave a range of options from not bothering to considering. Some organisation do well out of the directories, some don’t. I am a member of several. One is paid the others are free. I have received work from the paid one which has proven worthwhile...
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    Are drone directories worth paying for

    The caveat is that no directory can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. You get out what you put in so if you register anywhere, make sure you complete ALL the profile details, ensure your website links remain valid and that you upload a relevant and high quality showreel appropriate to the...
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    Are drone directories worth paying for

    It depends on what the directories are doing for the pilots. Are they just acting as another google opportunity? If so, probably not worth bothering unless they are doing it for free (because, why not?). Some in the UK are starting to offer value add services and market very heavily. There...
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    Lost My inspire 1 pro using litichi

    Presumably if you find or replace it you will consider amending your standard operating practice? This sort of issue is bad enough with Mavics and Phantoms without having Inspire mincing machines going AWOL.
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    Geofence rectangle instead of radius

    Yep, GS Pro Virtual Fence is the place to go. Just be careful when landing particularly if you have been operating at low set speeds as it can come down a bit quick. Good luck.
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    Aircraft Battery Fire

    So in this case the battery was wet and therefore could be classed as not correctly maintained. I'm glad you survived this experience but I'm really searching to find real-world examples of fires of correctly maintained batteries in an I1 during flight. Posted in a few forums and no joy yet...
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    Aircraft Battery Fire

    Yes, I saw that one too a few months ago. To be honest, if there was to be a case of a battery doing this I would sort of expect it in a repair shop. This is where damaged and possibly abused kit gets sent. I too carry a fire extinguisher and blanket to every job...but I sort of think I'm...
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    Aircraft Battery Fire

    No...I haven't suffered one. And I can't remember reading about any instances of Inspire or Phantom batteries going rogue during flight at all. I was shown some horrific images during ground school, but these were of batteries that had been badly packed in an aircraft hold, hadn't been...
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    UK PCFO renewal - Risk table / matrix

    Sorry, don't know what I was thinking there.
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    UK PCFO renewal - Risk table / matrix

    It certainly wouldn't be a bad idea for the CAA to sample the OMs of any NQE they choose to audit to ensure they are meeting the requirements properly. I get the feeling that there is a ticklist mentality at CAA of 1. CAP reference table 2. ECCAIRS, 3. Insurance company name matching ZOM...
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    Best Practices - Should firmware be updated?

    I just received my Pro back after an unfortunate tree interface scenario. It came with the latest firmware. After doing all the calibrations I went out today to test it. After running with Go, Auotpilot and GS Pro I can confirm that all is well. It operated beautifully.
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    The new SLR Magic 8mm on the Inspire & Osmo! Shot all in Raw

    Not as chance I'm afraid. Even an additional filter will cause vignettes with this lens. I always have a carefully calibrated piece of blu-tac with me which I carefully wrap around the front of the lens. Make sure it is well stuck on and work on the top of the lens to avoid gravity helping it...
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    Upgrade suggestions

    As ever it comes down to your business plan and what markets you are addressing. Inspection work? I1Pro. It's a great workhorse and you can easily fit lenses up to 100mm for real close up work with safe standoff. Mapping? Get a P4P as the mechanical shutter helps accurate work. General...
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    POLL - How many flights per customer project?

    Funnily enough, when I video and photograph an acre of asbestos roof I do a lot more flights than if I go to take an image of a hotel for a client. Please don't pretend you are doing any useful analysis with data collected from such a broad question.