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  • Matrice 100: When set as Inspire 1, due to landing gear, X3/X5 cameras cannot rotate 360 without an unobstructed view, when enabling gimbal yaw in Autopilot, can you adjust/restrict responsiveness?
    Looking for inspire and p3 pilots in Sydney Australia who use or want to use autopilot.
    I'm new to this forum and own a Phantom3 and an Inspire1 in Japan. A few days ago with my Phantom3, I tried to test the Cruise mode in the latest version of Autopilot 3.2. But what really upset me is my Phantom3 remote controller mode changed to mode2; the left stick serves throttle and the right one serves pitch as my DJIGO app. for Phantom3 and Inspire1's been set to mode1, not mode2. I use mode1.
    Will the Autoflight work on the Matrice?
    Other users have claimed it works by selecting the Inspire 1 as the aircraft type. We won't officially support it until the DJI SDK adds support.
    Remote PINK LED
    pressured in to slave mode, can not be returned to master/off mode. display mode to change nothing/hide. My remote led color pink. please help me solve this problem.
    sorry my english is bad discussio
    Hoping the weather clears enough here in NH to get some footage of a classic boat regatta. Either way hope to get some feedback for you this evening. Thanks again for putting this together!
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