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I'm one of those "jack of all trades", "master of none" dudes so I wont be (too) offended if you take what you read with a-grain-of-salt ;)

Past, present, future occupation (in no particular order):
  1. A&P/IA
  2. AH64-a
  3. PART-107
  4. FCC-GRL++
  5. Type-I Helibase Manager
  6. Electromechanical Engineer
  7. Developer
  8. Husband
  9. Father
  10. Old Guy

A few things to please keep in mind when reading my posts:
  1. Usually I'm Spending my days in a well so I can say they’ve been well spent.
  2. I apologize ahead of time for anything I post while hungry.
  3. One day, I hope to become a grown up.
  4. I’m actually not funny. I’m just really mean but people always think I’m joking.
Feb 14, 1971 (Age: 53)
Gibert, AZ