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Recent content by Jay Quatro

  1. J

    Battery Discharge w/Bulb

    I figured as much, thanks. Someone should make one though.
  2. J

    Battery Discharge w/Bulb

    Would this work with our Inspire batteries? Are the terminals the same size as the Phantom series? Amazon Link
  3. J

    Mayday Drone Parachute on Kickstarter (suitable for I1)

    This kick starter is for the computer module only. It will pair with the Mars 58 system. I like the idea of the parachute being a completely stand-alone system. I will def be following this closely. Thanks for the heads up @flydogs !
  4. J

    Inspire 1 Service Contract

    Hmmm interesting. It's less expensive than commercial insurance coverage for the Inspire 1
  5. J

    Inspire 1 for Sale with 1 TB47 and 3 TB48 Batteries(Philadelphia area)

    Sold, I sent payment this morning
  6. J

    WTB Hardcase and Batteries

    I am interested in the case. Please email me at [email protected]
  7. J

    Inspire 1 dual controller

    PM and email sent. [email protected]