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Recent content by JeffA

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    Dji Inspire 1 almost given up..

    There are a lot of things to consider here. 1. I would try to rebind the controller as a master controller. 2. I would check the firmware version of both the aircraft and the controller to see if they are compatible and update if/as necessary. * Report back to us and let us know...
  2. J

    Serial Number for M100

    Trying to find the serial number on a Matrice 100. No luck finding it in the app or on the boards. Anyone know where to find it? Thx
  3. J

    Crystal Sky Screen, any improvement?

    I have the 7.85” UB, no problems with mine yet. I start the CS first,then RC, followed by AC. No problems with cs or app.
  4. J

    Need help with do the right choice about Inspire 1

    My opinion....keep the MPP & get an I1,you wont be disappointed in it.
  5. J

    Thoughts on Inspire 1 V2 in 2019

    I love my Inspire 1v2...its rock solid in the air
  6. J

    Two days of ownership

    I learned to fly “figure eights” to hone the hand-eye coordination.
  7. J

    looking for a camera for I-1

    I have a x3 thats been modified by peau productions for ndvi. Message me if interested.
  8. J

    Inspire 2 with thermal camera SOLD

    I can vouch that Mr Miller is honest to deal with...He’s the most laid back honest person you will ever deal with. I sold him a charger in Nov 18, the transaction went perfectly smooth.
  9. J

    WTB inspire 1 charger

    I can mail you one for $40.00 including shipping. Includes a/c cord.