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Recent content by jocopocomajoco89

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    how to mount a 360 camera on inspire 2

    Good evening to everyone I would like to mount a 360 ° camera on Inspire 2 do you have any advice to give me? as an adapter? or projects to print with 3d printer? thank you very much to those who will help me
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    smooth flight for Inspire 2

    Good evening to everyone. compared to mavic's cinematic mode, I find inspire movements that are too nervous for my tastes and not very cinematic how are these settings, are good for smooth flight? https://i.imgur.com/s5fr372.jpg tripod mode is too slow :/ thank you so much
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    ND4-ND8-ND16 polarpro or neewer?

    good morning everyone, my question is very simple. the price difference is so great. € 18 vs € 100 in europe. is there really so much difference also in glass quality? thank you so much