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Recent content by JSX

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    Question in regards to controllers...

    I took apart one of my "A" controllers to see what's inside. This one looks like it had been dropped before and had a funky RTH button so I wasn't worried about screwing it up. Anyway, I found that there is a fan on the main board.
  2. J

    Inspire 1 Controller Firmware Roll Back.

    How do you do this?
  3. J

    Inspire 1 connection issues

    I am having a problem getting a full connection between an I1v1 and its remote. The AC has a fast flashing yellow while the controller has a steady green. The app shows disconnected but there is some connection to the AC because I can move the camera and snap a photo, but cannot do anything...
  4. J

    TB48 (Inspire) v TB48S (Matrice)

    Thank you two for the info, I didn't notice the data wires were in different positions. I fixed that and also found a spot where the solder had touched a trace it shouldn't have. I looked at that board a few times and never noticed it, they are both working now!
  5. J

    Inspire 1 v1 rear led solid red

    Yes, I did find out the battery is causing the solid red. An I1v2 came up for sale near me cheap so I grabbed it, and it came with a good TB47 and a 48. With a good battery the red light problem is gone, but now I get a fast flashing yellow, lol. I got a chance to fly the v2 yesterday and wow...
  6. J

    Inspire 1 v1 rear led solid red

    The new batteries are 'TB47S' made for the Matrice, same cells as the 'TB47' for the I1 but different circuit board and plastic top.
  7. J

    TB48 (Inspire) v TB48S (Matrice)

    I did this to 2 ea TB47 batteries. On one of them the I1 wont complete start up, when I turn it on the drone goes thru initialization but ends with a solid red light and the app shows no info on battery. I will try the discharge and unplug the balance cable and see if it works. The other one...
  8. J

    Inspire 1 v1 rear led solid red

    I am trying to get an old Inspire going. I bought it with little information, as it belonged to the sellers father. He thought it had only been flown a couple times but he did tell me one of the motors was questionable and a shop had told him it needed replaced. The 3 batteries were dead so I...