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licensed pilot

My Bio

Luis had an interest in aviation since childhood. In high school he joined the Civil Air Patrol (US Air Force Auxiliary) Puerto Rico Wing as a cadet, beginning his flight lessons in 1969 under a CAP pilot program, where the cadet paid for one third of his way towards his first solo flight and CAP paid the balance. After his first solo flight on October 13, 1969, he was selected by the CAP to continue the training towards a Private Pilot certificate (#2032677) and attended a flight summer camp at the University of Oklahoma/ Norman campus, sponsored by the US Air Force, during July 1970. He received his Private Pilot certificate and his CAP pilot wings at a ceremony on the campus in July 1970.

Upon his return home, employment options were scarce so he decided to join the US Army. During Luis’ Army service he re-joined the Civil Air Patrol as a senior member and qualified as a search and rescue (SAR) pilot while serving with the Arizona Wing. In 1973 the army transferred him to Hawaii where he began to pursue his commercial pilot certificate using the G.I. Bill. During his 3 years stationed in Hawaii, Luis flew SAR missions for the CAP Hawaii Wing and completed his commercial pilot certificate (#2032677). He accumulated over 300 hours in his logbook and flew in the skies over Arizona, Korea, and Hawaii, in addition to his native P.R. Approaching the end of his enlistment, Luis decided to stop flying and pursue a career in law enforcement upon returning to Arizona. In 2013, he was forced to retire for medical reasons after a 32 year police career with assignments as chief of police twice. Luis holds a Master Degree in Education and serves as adjunct faculty with the University of Phoenix Criminal Justice program.

In 2015 Luis “discovered” drones (UAV, UAS) and obtained a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Section 333 authorization to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles commercially. This FAA approval was limited to individuals holding a pilot rating until August 2016, when the FAA established a UAS Remote Pilot certificate (RPC). Luis received his RPC (#3903555) in August 2016.

In April 2017, he was asked to assist the Maricopa Police Department in starting a Police UAS unit as a volunteer and chief pilot. Luis began a pilot training program for the department and successfully trained 6 MPD personnel to pass their FAA Remote Pilot certificate, simultaneously writing an operating manual for the agency. He still operates his business, Martinez Aerial Video Services. His UAS logbook has 105 hours in both Quadcopters and fixed wing VTOL as of July 2017.

Continuing Training

FAA Positive Aircraft Control 7/2015 3 hours

AOPA Unmanned Aircraft and the National Airspace System 7/2015 3 hours

AOPA Decision Making for Pilots 7/2015 3 hours

UAVCoach Mapping and Modeling 101 1/2016 3 hours

FAA small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) 6/2016 4 hours

UAVCoach Aerial Thermography 4/2017 3 hours

GOLDSEAL sUAS Night Operation Endorsement 3/20/17 1 hour

Birdseyeview FireFly6 VTOL factory Flight School 7/19/17 20 hours

ITC Level 1 Thermography 1/19/18 32 hours

TOTAL 72 hours
retired cop, Chief UAS Pilot at PD, buss. owner


DJI Phantom 3 Pro/ P4P/Inspire 1 Pro /M600P/X3,X5,XT/Z3/Z30
FAA Commercial Pilot and Remote Pilot Certificate