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mandala bed sheets

Mandala means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit. It is a beautiful art form that involves geometric designs, usually created as free-hand drawings. Mandala is associated with spirituality and denotes mental wellbeing and peace. In Hinduism, the mandala design is represented as a square with four sides/gates and a centre where the energy is focused. Mandalas are common spiritual representations in Buddhism too. Our mandala bedsheets are the loveliest of designs from our catalogue. These exquisite bedding sets come in attractive colours that you will love them.

Not a lot of brands offer single bedsheets these days. You can pick these mandala bed sheets for single mattresses on BedsheetsIndia right now. These are sized 63″ X 108″ and are paired with a single pillow cover. These single bedding sets come in various colour options – blue, green, maroon etc.​
Mar 31, 1990 (Age: 34)
New Delhi, India
The best place to purchase mandala bed sheets online is Bedsheets India.