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Recent content by mede8er

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    Insane Quad on Speed!

    I'll see your quadmovr and raise you one Bird of Prey.....:D
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    Won't launch from boat so I'm selling

    People who are willing to settle for defective merchandise/service get what they deserve....
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    Prop Locks?

    I think Editor was just being sarcastic....NEVER put threadlock on a prop.....
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    50 hr service? ??

    It's already a business model in the automotive industry....marginalize the retail aspect and bank on the service revenue....
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    Inspire manual

    Thanks man...working on a Disco Pro at the moment for more range....:D
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    Marco Polo in tandem with the GPS coordinates....just being close doesn't cut it...ask me how I know....:D
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    Inspire manual

    You have to be logged in to get it.....
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    BH Photo and Video - Positive experience?

    B & H is absolutely the best!
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    control and monitoring options why no FPV?

    Yep....I use the camera switch feature between the forward facing 640 and the GoPro on my Disco Pro quite extensively.....couldn't fly without it....
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    Ordered mine yesterday!

    Hehhehheh...yeah...for $499.00!!!!!!!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-DJI-Inspire-1-Drone-Quadcopter-Intelligent-Flight-Battery-TB47-4500mAh-22-2V-/331381420563?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4d27df3213
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    General Discussion Here

    Nice crisp look Adam.....