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Recent content by MenaceCat

  1. MenaceCat

    Inspire never had a chance to fly

    This is a software error. Just reboot the aircraft and the message will disappear
  2. MenaceCat

    Anyone approaching/reached 50hrs flight time on their Inspire yet?

    Wow! you certainly get to go around.
  3. MenaceCat

    v1.0 of iOS app

    Doesn't it seem there is some political reason for the delay. With the appearance of Duet (which is a really useful tool) there is no issue about 'illegality'. What is 'illegal' about transferring video over USB? The poster 'Haze' has been on multiple forums repeating the point that DJI has...
  4. MenaceCat

    v1.0 of iOS app

    I downloaded Duet and its a great app. Now I can have a portable 2nd monitor when traveling!
  5. MenaceCat

    Catch / Release by hand

    I don't see why or how you would want to hand launch, especially with the gear down and having to do a CSC with both hands to get the motor started. Hand catching during landing with the landing gear UP is fine (literally done close to overhead) BUT beware the motors MUST be cut out before you...
  6. MenaceCat

    Apple app vs DJI. Anyone seen this?

    This is a really informative post. I downloaded Duet and its a great application to extend my Mac's screen. Rather than bash Apple or DJI, perhaps some energy can be spent lobbying the use of USB for video. It is completely irrelevant what the current status is - as users with a *voice of...
  7. MenaceCat

    Post your FLight issues and concerns!

    Agree totally!
  8. MenaceCat

    Master controller 'disconnects' in flight

    Thanks all for chiming in. There might be a QC issue with a few remote controllers; either that or there is some parameter setting (tolerance of video carrier signal degradation or some dynamically adjusting transmission bandwidth algo) that might be addressable through a firmware upgrade...
  9. MenaceCat

    Battery critical

    There's a really useful site about battery technology that all serious flyers pushing the envelope might want to read: http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/calculating_the_battery_runtime
  10. MenaceCat

    Out of control crash

    The craft should not 'fight you' when making a return, ever, with a stable GPS lock on. This is indicative that the different sensors (GPS, compass, orientation) are giving conflicting information. It's always a good idea after takeoff to let go of the sticks and watch for holding of position...
  11. MenaceCat

    Battery critical

    At low temperatures, battery efficiency drops considerably- also, you cannot pull as large a load when cell voltage is low compared to when it's high. This is not a gasoline powered car. You should keep batteries warm before flying under such conditions. As for the other post- it's out of...
  12. MenaceCat

    Master controller 'disconnects' in flight

    Thanks Steve, DJI is presently 'investigating' and your post will help accelerate the return process. It sounds as if we had the same problem.
  13. MenaceCat

    Master controller 'disconnects' in flight

    Correction: the original problem hasn't gone away, When serving as a slave the same thing happens with video and telemetry going blank periodically (control remains intact) suggesting that some 'LightBridge' like digital video component is failing in that RC. I have contacted DJI and am...
  14. MenaceCat

    Master controller 'disconnects' in flight

    Problem solved by linking the slave RC Controller turning it into Master and then the other Controller was flipped to being a slave. I'm still not sure what happened but I'm quite sure someone else with a dual RC set up will face this
  15. MenaceCat

    New Inspire came without 8 pin data connectors for iPad tablet.

    Apple's cables have a proprietary 'Lightning' adapter. The supplied cables are generic USB 3 connectors which happen to be capable of connecting to Android devices. I believe the reason they are included is for communication between a PC / Mac and the Inspire.