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Recent content by MobileAndMonitoring

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    Offline FAA Cert Prep/Course

    Yeah there are a ton online. Just curious if anyone could give a personal reference. Thanks.
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    Offline FAA Cert Prep/Course

    Hello, I'd like to start training for my FAA certificate but I'm usually away from internet. Are there any courses that are reasonably priced that have the ability to study offline? Also if not I could try to study while only onilne if you have any recommendations for a good course either way.
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    Short film about the crash and recovery of my Inspire 2

    I take full responsibility for the crash and you bring up a good point however I cannot explain how the drone accelerates as soon as the ipad looses connectivity. Maybe it was me but the iPad shutting down definitely contributed to the demise of the Inspire. Either way it was a risky shot being...
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    Short film about the crash and recovery of my Inspire 2

    Rented a cabin with some friends and decided to get some shots from the back patio. I've actually never flown in sub freezing temps before and unfortunately learned the hard way that iPads do not like the cold. The video goes over the crash and recovery of my I2 from a very tall snow covered...
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    New Pilote From Montréal

    Congradulations. I'm actually in Canada right now and was contemplating taking the exam to be certified to fly in Canada. Do you have any recommendations on study material online?
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    Signal Booster for Inspire 2

    Does anyone have any experience with this antenna? https://www.dronelabs.ca/pages/dji-tracktenna
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    How I carry my Inspire 2

    Very cool. Must be interesting being in the aerial photography business for so long and seeing the recent transformation of how accessible it is for anyone now to try to do the same work.
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    How I carry my Inspire 2

    What types of clients are you normally doing work for?
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    9-18 lens

    This might be a silly question but can you change focal length from the ground on this lens or any others?
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    Inspire 2 Teardown to Core Cinema Components

    Hope you can share your progress of this project. Sounds very interesting!
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    First FAA Certified Parachute for Inspire 2

    Surprised no one is talking about this Parachute system from Indemnis. Looks to be the first certified parachute with the FAA so you can fly your drone over crowds of people. Drone UAV Recovery Systems | Indemnis Drone Recovery Solutions
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    SOLD - CineSSD

    That's really great to hear. I'm not even filming commercially yet so I doubt I can justify the extra cost anyways. Really appreciate your input. Thanks.
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    SOLD - CineSSD

    Glad to see you were successful in selling your SSD. May I ask why you never used it? No need for prores or cinemadng? I'm thinking of upgrading my I2 to the prores license and purchasing the necessary hardware but price is keeping my on the sidelines.
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    Video editing basics in DaVinci Resolve 15: The Edit page, part one

    @CP Anson Great articles. Really appreciate the work you put out and how you take a simple approach to explaining everything. Keep up the good work.
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    Remote Controller Lasts Less than 30mins

    So I've had my Inspire 2 now for about a year and a half. Went out to fly today and the remote only lasted just over 1 flight. Feeling pretty bummed as it looks like the battery is not easily replaceable on the remote? Also a new one is nearly $600. Any tips on what I can do? Does anyone know...