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Recent content by paulajayne

  1. paulajayne

    Video format defaults to PAL and MOV!

    NTSC = Never The Same Colour Twice
  2. paulajayne

    Stunning Church footage!!!!

    Fictional being ^^^^^^ Been in a few books I believe - Nice video BTW.
  3. paulajayne

    Continuous flight

    Paint drying world championships
  4. paulajayne

    massive battery drain from pilot app

    Looks like a remove and reinstall may help
  5. paulajayne

    Can't view video files

    Did you stop the recording before shutting down? Files may not be closed correctly.
  6. paulajayne

    Cutting video

    Fault may be computer that cannot keep up with the data flow of 4K footage. Try it on a faster / more powerful computer,
  7. paulajayne

    Inspire 1 production for sale

    Is the boat static when you try? if not a GPS fix will be difficult. If it is the rocking then a gimbal may help.