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Recent content by RiseAboveImaging

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    Price (not) Announced!

    It should be $100 is only a battery and phone mount with some buttons. Pretty much an xbox controller.
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    List of known issues - Sticky Thread

    What about the pixels looking like rainbow speckles on some photos, or is that a user end software issue? Also what does the "unlock motors" do? Could that allow a boat take off? Is the boat thing still an issue? I heard of some people doing it.
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    Future upgrades

    Inspire already has an intervalometer
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    Inspire on Tested.com - Gear in Video

    I have a super beefy inverter $150 pure sine but it would not charge my battery.
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    Catch / Release by hand

    I hand catch all the time, flying out of tight spots, never had an issue, its so **** easy.
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    E800 motor

    You don't need new motors to run those props. There are 4 dollar adapters for them, that work with 2 and 4 hole inspire motors. $10 for a pair of new props. Dji wants people to switch hence the pricing and lack of availability of the stock ones. Why does everyone whine so much on these forums?
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    Crashed Inspire into canal. Any hope?

    Half the time mine will have a compass error for 5-10 seconds after take off and drift with the wind when atti mode happens. I calibrate prefectly no keys cellphone or controller anywhere near by. Been flying tons in the past 6 months. This had nearly caused me to crash when flying in high wind.
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    Long Exposure Photos

    No exposure lock. AEB would probably mean misaligned photos when doing night shots. if you were far enough away it could work. you can do 8sec exposure if there was no wind and you were really far away. The reason the 2sec exposure impressed me so much, is because I was so close the house. Only...
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    Long Exposure Photos

    I think it was 100 ISO (it was on auto ) and of course f2.8. Shooting a single DNG. I could have done it with half a second exposure and 400 ISO, and have it look pretty much the same, but I wanted to test the limits. I took about 5 photos, this was the only sharp one. It took about 5...
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    Catch / Release by hand

    I hand catch all the time
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    Long Exposure Photos

    2 second exposure with minimal wind, I am blown away by its stability.
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    Would love to see others Creations!

    Took mine on a family vacation. Aerial video San Juan Island Inspire 1 4k:
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    Another plus for Nvidia Shield

    The shield is about half as bright as my galaxy tab s. I would look at them in person before buying. They have an awesome screen, just not very bright.
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    Exposure Lock - Android?

    Top right of your screen its white and very faint. :-)
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    C1 and C2 buttons

    That's how I have mine set up. Click on the controller picture in the app then go to RC control settings.