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Recent content by ROne21

  1. ROne21

    SOLD - Inspire 1 v2.0 Pro Black Edition - MINT - Zenmuse X5 and X5R included - updated with photos - SOLD to Pete

    it looks like it..... have patience, someone will buy it
  2. ROne21

    X4s For Sale

    So many wannabe clowns here trying to be funny. Some people have to much time on their hands. Guys, what are your takes on this member. I wonder how often he makes deals like this then backs out, just for fun lol. X4s still available. in
  3. ROne21

    X4s For Sale

    Yes, sorry for the late reply. I sent you my info through PM. I sent you my cell number and you can get in touch with me there, text or phone call. But I'm about to sleep right now as I just got home from work. I work nights and i will be available after 3pm today if you need to talk to me...
  4. ROne21

    X4s For Sale

    I have no problem driving to your preferred spot. I can bring my Inspire 2 to show you that it works. My son plays in a basketball league in Elgin every weekend. I can also knock off the shipping cost since it won't be shipped.
  5. ROne21

    X4s For Sale

    Northside.... there's about 50 minutes of driving between us, give or take a few depending on traffic.
  6. ROne21

    X4s For Sale

    I'm selling the X4s that came with my Inspire 2. I haven't used it since buying the X5s a couple of months after getting the Inspire 2. I'm located in Chicago and will ship in the US only. NO PAYPAL. USPS Money Order is preferred but will consider other and secured method of payments. Selling...
  7. ROne21

    Safe Transaction

    PayPal is a scam itself, will never use them again....safest is face to face transaction or USPS money order.
  8. ROne21

    Germany and drones.....

    Thank you for your reply, this is what I wanted to know. After doing a little research and reading about how restrictive Germany is about drones, I was discouraged and decided to just leave my M2P home. I read about requiring insurance coverage, possibly needing a pilot license....just...
  9. ROne21

    Germany and drones.....

    I'm from the US and I'm going to Germany for a vacation. Am I going to have problems if I bring my drone with me?
  10. ROne21

    Warm batteries from the case WEIRD!

    I've had the same experience with my MP Platinum once.... so now, I don't leave the batteries installed on the MP during prolong downtime and out of the bag.
  11. ROne21

    25mm ND filter

    I'm looking for recommendations which ND filter you use or best to use with the 25mm. TIA
  12. ROne21

    SOLD : Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm 1.8 ($250)

    payment sent
  13. ROne21


    very nice...
  14. ROne21

    FS: Olympus M.Zuiko ET-M4518 45mm f/1.8 ED 260.00usd

    is this still available?