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Recent content by ROne21

  1. ROne21

    Germany and drones.....

    Thank you for your reply, this is what I wanted to know. After doing a little research and reading about how restrictive Germany is about drones, I was discouraged and decided to just leave my M2P home. I read about requiring insurance coverage, possibly needing a pilot license....just...
  2. ROne21

    Germany and drones.....

    I'm from the US and I'm going to Germany for a vacation. Am I going to have problems if I bring my drone with me?
  3. ROne21

    Warm batteries from the case WEIRD!

    I've had the same experience with my MP Platinum once.... so now, I don't leave the batteries installed on the MP during prolong downtime and out of the bag.
  4. ROne21

    25mm ND filter

    I'm looking for recommendations which ND filter you use or best to use with the 25mm. TIA
  5. ROne21

    SOLD : Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm 1.8 ($250)

    payment sent
  6. ROne21


    very nice...
  7. ROne21

    FS: Olympus M.Zuiko ET-M4518 45mm f/1.8 ED 260.00usd

    is this still available?
  8. ROne21

    Motor Mount Reinforcement Braces

    What are the silver screws for? To stabilize the braces? Are they hitting the CF arm?
  9. ROne21

    Comparing Heliengagen and T-Motor CF Props

    Thanks.....wasn't sure what a multi tool was..... I was thinking a Dremel but I couldn't imagine how it would work. Thanks again.
  10. ROne21

    Comparing Heliengagen and T-Motor CF Props

    Hi, Can you post a pic of the tool you used to cut the case? Also, did you cut through the plastic parts of the case also or just cut the foam part?
  11. ROne21

    Compass error during flight

    You get compass error when you get a lot of signal interference.... I've had this happened during flights and I would just fly to another spot until the error clears.
  12. ROne21

    To buy or not, input appreciated.

    Sounds like a good deal to me. If I had the cash, I would jump on it to avoid being confused and frustrated any longer. Inspire 3 is like a unicorn right now...it doesn't exist. Who knows how long you have to wait for it. Announcement for it hasn't even been announced yet. And there's the usual...
  13. ROne21

    Foldable carbon fiber props

    This number? 855-837-6637 www.FloridaDroneSupply.com
  14. ROne21

    Foldable carbon fiber props

    I just received the T-motors CF folding props yesterday. They are more refined (higher quality) than the HeliEngadins and about half the weight. The packaging impressed me and it's obvious that a lot was put into manufacturing them.
  15. ROne21

    Hello...new member from Chicago.

    I've had my Inspire 2 with the X4S for over a year now but upgraded to the X5S earlier today. Can't wait to start shooting pics and videos with my new camera.