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Recent content by RossF

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    Looking for sharp X5 DNG samples or options for bigger camera

    Thanks! Ebay is a good idea...the DJI Store has a pretty good price on S900 with A7 gimbal too right now. My worry is I have never setup an S900, they look quite a bit more complicated than the inspire, perhaps not as reliable? I don't have weeks to experiment with it or do test flights before...
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    Looking for sharp X5 DNG samples or options for bigger camera

    I currently own the first version of the Inspire 1. I'm mainly a commercial portrait photographer but have a potential gig coming up for a client that needs some high quality aerial stills. My inspire 1 is decent for video...but the stills kinda suck! I'm used to shooting with my 36 megapixel...
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    Thailand's new law for UAVs

    I flew in Thailand last year just before these new laws but I think there were still some restrictions. My advice: don't fly in Bangkok or any crazy busy areas, beaches, islands, jungles, you'll be good!
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    FAA has my Inspire

    Where in Chicago where you flying exactly? I'm curious because I live in the city and own an Inspire too. Chicago now has an ordinance that " prohibits the flying of drones within 5 miles of the city's airports, and creates no-fly zones over churches, schools, hospitals, police stations and...
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    Drone pilot 'breaks every rule in the book'

    A drone crashed into a plane in London today, front page news on CNN. Wonder if it was this guy?? Drone apparently crashes into plane headed to London - CNN.com
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    Inspire over dreamy fields of ice on Chicago's Frozen Beaches

    Thanks! Yeah i actually got a set of gloves with the fingers that peel back but then I had to get another set of very thin glove liners underneath that because my exposed fingertips would still freeze after flying the inspire for a few minutes. Had to run back to the car and warm up often too.
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    Inspire over dreamy fields of ice on Chicago's Frozen Beaches

    Th Thanks! I licensed it from premiumbeat.com I'm not a boater but I'm pretty sure in Chicago it's required by law that everyone remove their boats from water for the winter, they have to store them indoors somewhere I guess
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    Inspire over dreamy fields of ice on Chicago's Frozen Beaches

    Thanks everyone! I tried to keep it short and sweet but wish I had another day or two worth of footage to put in there, a few clips I don't love in the edit..but oh well! I was trying to only fly on sunnier days too to keep the edit consistent. A few earlier drafts I thought were a little...
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    Inspire over dreamy fields of ice on Chicago's Frozen Beaches

    I spent a bunch of days flying my Inspire over Chicago's frozen beaches back in February. I've been taking pictures of the lake when it freezes for the past 4 years so it was a treat to get my Inspire in time to capture some footage there this season. This is my first drone and the main reason...
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    Putting my I1 through hell! Love this bird

    Great shots! Question about camera settings, when you say "Soft" does that mean you turn the sharpness down or keep it at 0? For a few days I accidentally put my sharpness at +1 and there is noticeable nasty grain in lots of the shots
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    Portable Battery Charger

    Well I didn't buy this device specifically for charging the inspire battery, I happened to have a few of them already since I'm primarily a photographer and often use strobes on location...it's a good addition to my car inverter because then I don't have to only charge when my car is...
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    Portable Battery Charger

    I use one of these http://paulcbuff.com/vm120.php They're made to power photography strobes in the field but I can get at least a full charge of one inspire 1 battery from one too. They also make a larger higher capacity battery called the Vagabond Extreme. These things are pretty small and...
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    no video

    You might have bent the pins on the gimbal? I pulled off the lens cap the wrong way once and did this, thought I'd have to send it to DJI but was able to bend them back with a paper clip and they've been fine since then.
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    Getting paid?

    I agree 100$ is silly low. If you have never been paid to shoot photos or video before I can see how you might be excited, but honestly I'd probably charge at least 1,000$ for any two minute video. Think about the time it will take you to edit and everything too.
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    Premiere Pro Optimum Settings?

    Anyone that's having issues on slightly older Macbook pros have you tried Adobe Premiere Pro CC instead of CS6 or CS5, I think CC handles 4k better. Needless to say I upgraded from a 2011 tricked out unibody with 16gb of ram to a mid 2013 macbook. Upgraded software at the same time...4k is nice...