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Recent content by skylabimaging

  1. skylabimaging

    Looking for an Inspire Pro (Trade Only)

    I've got an extra Freefly Movi M15 that has just been hangin aboot and while I could sell it and it will end up on ebay at some point or another if I can't find a worthy trade, I'll also update the thread with a price and some photos when that time comes but for now I'd be interested in trading...
  2. skylabimaging

    Difference between S1000 and S1000+

    Yeah I fly an s1000+
  3. skylabimaging

    Difference between S1000 and S1000+

    Also....the arm to frame mounts are cnc anodized. The motor mounting ring is cnc'd. The upper plate is one piece I belive. And the bottom carbon plate doesn't support the pdb on motors 1 and 2 and 5 and 6.
  4. skylabimaging

    Battery Fail

    It's not one of your sony/canon cameras, It's not a flaw, it's operator error. You even said you owned that, yet you turn right around and blame DJI for your problem. It's not their fault. Read your manual. Page 49 in your pre flight checklist And it could be an easy 500-1000...for a damaged...
  5. skylabimaging

    My crazy drone crash video - massive forest

    That footage definitely stands out compared to the cinematographers camera which looked excellent
  6. skylabimaging

    So, if you had $1,500 to invest, what non-dji aircraft would you buy?

    So many options....What do you need this aircraft to do?
  7. skylabimaging

    A Call to Action, drone style

    You can't do verbal Judo :rolleyes::p
  8. skylabimaging

    Override of DJI No-Fly Zones - UPDATE

    so glad i opted to trade the inspire for s1000....while nfz's on the inspire aren't a problem currently, i do foresee in the future a lot of nfz being implemented Good on you for getting the ball rolling on this for everyone Editor :)
  9. skylabimaging

    I need DIY help for thermal camera options

    the same way you would with any other fpv setup (besides DJI stuff)....analog 5.8ghz would be easiest and cheapest.
  10. skylabimaging

    Inspire 1 new propulsion system with 420KV motors and new prop mounting/locking mechanism

    What is it you like about them? I watched this video () and it looks like the exact same style they have now. It still uses the aluminum spring/cam/thingymajig...I'm guessing that component will wear just like the previous qr system. I used the prop lock system which was fine, nothing wrong...
  11. skylabimaging

    Sellers: Consider UAV depreciation

    Yep, agreed. I usually always sell my crap for less just to move it, imo if it's sitting around (for sale) for longer than a week....it's priced wrong. I like to move my stuff in a matter of days...uav's, camera equipment, junk on craigslist... like you say, better to have a slice of the pie...
  12. skylabimaging

    Sellers: Consider UAV depreciation

    While you knkw i agree with ya inspired, (ive bitten my tongue on quite a few sales) people can also sell stuff for what they want doesn't mean anyone will buy it and frankly that's not our problem.
  13. skylabimaging

    I'm new to the Inspire and need guidance.

    I take it you've never hauled a non folding octo anywhere ;)
  14. skylabimaging

    Great demo of X5 bitrate

    What I find funny about this is like others gh4 wins, imo x3 next and x5 last....(still too difficult to determine whether that camera works well or not) Anyway back to what I find funny, the gh4 wins but had the least amount of stability, what kind of gimbal was being used?