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Recent content by sowiszcze

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    Is it possible to Pitch and Yaw and the gimbal simultaneously with Cendence remote?

    They move right and left, but you can not swap the rotation eg right to left or left to right.
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    3rd party battery charger suggestions?

    I have been using the same charger for two years. It's a very good charger. I have 12 batteries and they all work without problems. Sometimes I use the charger for several hours during flights. For example, when broadcasting sports competitions to TV. DJI accumulation devices have their own...
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    New Firmware

    When I have problems with updates, I use different versions interchangeably. Updated by DJI GO4 on Crystalsky later via DJI Assistant on PC finally via DJI GO 4 on Apple Ipad. The systems are not perfect and you may need to use several solutions. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the activity...
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    New Firmware

    Force update / reinstall via DJI Assistant.
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    Inspire 2 controller beeping

    Controller need calibration.
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    Inspire 1 tablet

    My opinion - after 5 months practice: Ipad Mini 2 LTE 64 GB - permanent lagging Dji Go Ipad Air 2 LTE 16 GB - any problems, works perfectly. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - any problems, works perfectly.