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Recent content by Steve-O

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    Intentional Parachute Deployment - Smart Controller Demo - Monday - Fort Myers

    Can you confirm that the $299 for the Phantom Parazero does not include the standards for FAA NPRM Flight over People? As I understand it, in order to meet these proposed standards, an additional cost will be incurred abive the current price.
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    DJI Inspire 1 with Extra's **price drop**

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    Finally, Inspire 1 firmware/video feed issues explored in depth...

    Donnie/Et al., I tried the downgrade on my used purchase after working through logistical issues to get the right files. The bird goes through its update process all the way through the motors updating, camera moving, fans shutting on-off, etc. After about 1.5 hours the beeping sound goes to...
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    "No Image Transmission Signal"

    Did you rectify the issue?