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Recent content by Tahoejmfc

  1. Tahoejmfc

    Cherry rant...

    then you need to purchase it straight from DJI
  2. Tahoejmfc

    camera lock and shudder

    Sounds like you have done everything possible and its time to send it in. you have the clear or nd filter on the camera when this happens right?
  3. Tahoejmfc

    Can Bus where can i find it?

    Your going to have to open it up. I do know that you should contact EndofDays He has opened it up and you can prolly see the fpv cam install he did over on rrgroups
  4. Tahoejmfc

    Look at the flight time and zoom lens on this.....

    Here is a great example from Jeff Scholl over at Quadrocopter.us zooming
  5. Tahoejmfc

    Look at the flight time and zoom lens on this.....

    Wow that is the first Sony 4K with a Balanced Optical Stabilization system. I used a F550 with T-motors 3110 780 kv and stock dii esc. I used a Infinity M brushless 3 axis gimbal with the PJ-760 and it works great
  6. Tahoejmfc

    Live Stream Test 2

    well, its got along way to go, im sure in future firmwares it will get better. can you go to speedtest.net and do a speed test of your internet connect and post a screen shot of it. also what router are you using?
  7. Tahoejmfc

    dual remote question

    Yup, its just for telling you which remote is which
  8. Tahoejmfc

    Look at the flight time and zoom lens on this.....

    We use a Sony PJ-760 with a 17X Zeiss zoom and balanced optical stabilization, the footage is insane, you can zoom sooooooo far and get great footage. at 10 seconds starts some examples
  9. Tahoejmfc

    Inspire seems to drift left when going forward.

    this is normal behavior for the beginning of any flight, after a couple of forward and backs, it will start going straight.
  10. Tahoejmfc

    Flying inside

    make sure that you are not in gps if it is ever going to be blocked by a roof or partial roof. incorrect or weak gps will cause the copter to potentially jump position. not saying that it will jump if it fades in between good and bad signal. Remember Atti is a faster flight mode so you might...
  11. Tahoejmfc

    Dynamic Restricted Area

    The latest update has added new restrictions, especially small local airports. DJI Fly Safe http://flysafe.dji.com Here are the no fly zones: http://www.dji.com/fly-safe/category-mc Here are the restricted zones http://flysafe.dji.com/no-fly FAA Regulations http://www.faa.gov/uas/
  12. Tahoejmfc

    videos during flight

    I have shut down my inspire without hitting stop on the record multiple times. Every time I view the files on the card, everything is fine, videos play back great
  13. Tahoejmfc

    Pano's and a couple of other test shots

    Very nice work!!
  14. Tahoejmfc

    Camera horizon not level

    Same thing, go the IMU calibration and it works fine
  15. Tahoejmfc

    C1 and C2 buttons.

    same with me, no work, but the other functions like camera reset and mode work fine on the C1 and C2