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Recent content by ThePagerGeek

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    Firmware v1.2.1.03 2015-05-06

    Satellite count in the App screen now. (IOS version at least)
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    gimbal horizontal drift on latest firmware

    I have it happened to me, on the ground (actually on a table indoors). The gimbal starts to drift horizontally (pan).
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    is this the new inspire one camera

    Yeah... because all people who say please are bitching. I was asking, not complaining.
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    is this the new inspire one camera

    Thermal / IR please...
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    Firmware Update v1.2.0.17 Available

    So, I have a dual controller setup. Remote Controller 1 upgraded ok. Remote Controller 2 was upgrading ok, but then got stuck with blue flashing and I hard reset it. Now it turns on with a solid white status light. My suspicion is the firmware didn't completely load. I have tried to erase and...
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    New iOS app launched last night! (V1.0.2) who's tested it?

    I know in my other field, you can't separate the GUI version from the firmware version too much, otherwise you start running into compatibility issues...
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    will a android 10.1 fit the mount?

    I use a pair of Ipad Air 2 for dual control. I get 2-3 "clicks" when I snug the device holder down to lock it in. However, I wish it were a touch bigger so I can put a decent drop-proof case on them and still be able to use the device holder. I saw somewhere in a thread where someone modified...
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    New FAA Rules

    I agree with everything EXCEPT 2 things: Must maintain visual, and restricted night flying. Though I think making slight changes in the rule would improve safety overall. I see that the process for regulations started YEARS ago, but perhaps a quick "snap-shot" of what today's technology brings...
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    v1.0 of iOS app

    When I spoke to Apple App Dev on Thursday (2/5/14), they said the most recent app submitted by DJI was denied. (They didn't give a reason.) I told them I was an end-user with the following scenario: a: return the ipad air 2 due to lack of iOS support, and go to Android, or, b: wait for iOS...
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    Poll: Who is suffering GPS Loss/Drop into Atti mode along with gimbal flick?

    +1 Almost identical experience and I'm also hoping for a firmware upgrade prior to an RMA process. I am already in discussion with DJI tech support should it need to be escalated. (Log files and video sent for review Feb 5th, awaiting reply)
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    Battery critical

    We have had sub-freezing temps here. (10-20F) Along with 10-15MPH winds. TB47 lasting 12-14 minutes consistently for 6 flights now... For reference.