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Recent content by TJ Gilbert

  1. TJ Gilbert

    IOC Course Lock?

    I fly in CL a good bit with my other DJI airframes. Once you get used to flying w.r.t. a L, R, Front, Back grid, it is a pretty good tool for yawing the cam/craft independent of the grid. If you enable IOC, right now CL is the only choice you'll get...
  2. TJ Gilbert

    Getting paid?

    Hovtech is probably right. You'll be joining the ranks of many, many violators that the FAA is not yet equipped to detect. Be safe, and don't do anything foolish. I'm not sure how far the circulation of this document has gotten: http://www.faa.gov/uas/law_enforcement/ slim.slamma, time to quiet...
  3. TJ Gilbert

    Getting paid?

    You are still very restricted concerning commercial UAV use. Check here: http://knowbeforeyoufly.org/for-business-users/ Also, the FAA is in process of making it easier. Check here: http://amablog.modelaircraft.org/amagov/2015/02/19/faa-releases-notice-of-proposed-rulemaking-nprm/
  4. TJ Gilbert

    What do you like/dislike about the DJI shoulder harness?

    I use the Secraft single clip harness... Easier on/off (harder to twist/tangle) More comfortable (to me) Clip is easier to engage one handed Clip is substantial This harness is hard to find right now (probably because the DJI one is not quite so well made) ;)
  5. TJ Gilbert

    IOC Availability...?

    I'm going to attach three pages from the NazaM manual. It's where many users are first introduced to IOC. IOC is pretty well explained there. As one progresses with DJI FCs and airframes, the explanation becomes less detailed because it's assumed that you are already familiar. I'm also attaching...
  6. TJ Gilbert

    Portable helipad

    I like this idea, and had not thought of it! Thanks...
  7. TJ Gilbert

    Inspire will launch from boat so I'm buying

    Also, early tests I saw using the Getterback proved it to be less than reliable deployment-wise...
  8. TJ Gilbert

    Inspire 1 concerns

    1. Right now, many dealers have stock (or will) before stock comes available on the DJI store waiting list. You'll have to decide between ordering direct or going through a dealer (some dealers are better than others...). 2. Gimbal looks to be just as fragile as the P2V+ if that's what you...
  9. TJ Gilbert

    Best Antenna Positioning for Strong Lightbridge connection as tested with Spectrum Analyzer.

    iPad air (which is slightly smaller than iPad) is the largest Apple device that will fit. This is not from personal experience, but from reading several posts that stated it...
  10. TJ Gilbert

    Beneficial information for travel mode

    blade strike over on RCG says you can use the case...
  11. TJ Gilbert

    Does FAA control, prohibit drones indoors?

    I would think that a blimp sort of crashes in slow motion... ;)
  12. TJ Gilbert

    Unlock motors

    If straight means props oriented parallel to each other... I don't see how it will determine this orientation. I tend to think locking them against possible start-up like Mazz suggested is closer to correct. Someone will eventually chime in...
  13. TJ Gilbert

    Unlock motors

    "Unlock Motor" is a separate button above "Enter Travel Mode" and "Exit Travel Mode" in the app...
  14. TJ Gilbert

    Hand catching the Inspire 1

    I generally hand catch the Phantoms because of my concern for the low slung camera/gimbal. I've the same concern about the I1, but the ground clearance seems to be better. 13" props can do much more damage than 9" props (actually the damage is bad regardless). I'll probably have a sheet of...