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Recent content by TobyInspire

  1. TobyInspire

    Chasing an ATV in the Sand Dunes

    @Harry Nicholson I don't have the pleasure of owning the goggles. I use the iPhone 6 Plus with the app, I did cut out a carton box to help with the glare and chased my friend.
  2. TobyInspire

    Chasing an ATV in the Sand Dunes

    More to come, the Inspire is Just amazing!!
  3. TobyInspire

    Compass calibration on a ship...

    I was also worried about taking of from a very rocky (but insanely beautiful) boat ride. The immediate solution with no access to this useful forum: Had a dingy take me to shore, then I calibrated, then left the unit on, another boat ride back, took off... Worked, and for everyone concerned...
  4. TobyInspire

    Canyons of Aragon'ya

    Great job man
  5. TobyInspire

    Big Horn Mountains, 18,000+ft flight at 12,000ft (3000m) elevation

    AMAZING ! And great tip for those difficult calibration moments!
  6. TobyInspire

    Mount Vesuviu stratovolcano Photo prior to losing signal

    @Chuggie Actually these are summer blooms at the gulf of Naples, taken at 458 meters above the volcano so taken at about 1739 meters/ 5705 feet!
  7. TobyInspire

    Mount Vesuviu stratovolcano Photo prior to losing signal

    I bounce back and forth between the Inspire (obvious favorite) and the P3P. Here I had to use the phantom and lost connection... https://www.skypixel.com/photos/mount-vesuvius-with-a-phantom-3-professional Came back!
  8. TobyInspire

    Taken my I1 out for a skywalk...

    Can you share some info about the settings, really impressed by the low noise levels. Shot 4k I can see, but fps/iso/shutter speed would be super great if you don't mind! Awesome work man!
  9. TobyInspire

    Germany & Italy with DJI Part 1

    @sirnikolas I was tempted but they actually spin very quickly, also the legal aspect is a huge concern... I have insane footage from vesuvius volcano that I'm dying to edit! Always helps to mention previous work for NG to get access to such amazing locations ;)
  10. TobyInspire

    Just testing her out!

    Nice one man! I think you did very well. Did you play around with the settings before or elect to shoot on auto?
  11. TobyInspire

    Germany & Italy with DJI Part 1

    Actually used the new Phantom 3 Pro while waiting for the Inspire to be repaired, fun drone but what a difference from the Inspire!!! Found the rotors to often be in the way... obviously adjusted the gimbal tilt but missed the Inspire's drop down camera. I'd like to mention that I have zero...