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Recent content by Torque Photo

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    New Battery Station "Battery Saver Spacers"

    Please post and share the STL file... Would love to print a few up and test u. Out in my TB50 station. Thanks CWB I2 X5S 15mm, 45mm, 14-45mm Cendence w/ patch TB50 battery station
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    Insurance now the DJI Care is expired

    So my DJI Care is gone (expired) I bought the 1st year and the renewal... It saved my bit once when a invisible fishing line was strung across and parking lot and got me.... (You couldn't have seen this string if you were right under it looking up).... I would very much like to cover my aircraft...
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    Labeling CineSSD question

    I use a regular Brother label maker, and put both my name and TN on it as well as. #1, #2 ect... It makes the little white sticky thermal labels.. never had an issue....
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    What to do with a damaged X5S?

    Mine looked something close to the above pics and DJI repair was$255. Vary happy to not have to drop $1500 to replace!!!
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    Turning on TB50 batteries?

    Push and release and then push and hold the power button on the battery pack for several seconds and it will turn on and pre heat if it's cold enough
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    For Sale: Inspire 2 Remote Controllers (multiple available)

    Controller arrived, packed great, as advertised. Thanks for an easy transition and fair price!!!
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    Inspire 2 Cold Weather

    I have flown my I2 at -23c several times, with the new battery firmware keeping the batteries warm before installing on the bird is a must but it flew perfect in the -23c
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    For Sale: Inspire 2 Remote Controllers (multiple available)

    Please message with price for controller w/ cendence mount shipped to MI zip 48033. Thanks!
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    Updating Firmware on Olympus lens

    They make USB updater adapters for Sigma, Nikon, Canon lenes.... I did a quick search and didn't find one for Olympus but I bet they are out there.