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Recent content by TXPilot

  1. TXPilot

    Screen Glitch during hot weather flying

    As we are approaching summer temperatures quickly, I'm reminded of some serious issues I was having last year when the temperatures were scorching here in Texas. Every time I would go fly when the temp was above 90 F degrees, my video feed would skip on my iPad screen and turn green. Or large...
  2. TXPilot

    Flying in Los Angeles?

    Hey, guys. I'm looking at doing a job out in LA for commercial purposes next month. Is there any updates on laws or regs I need to know about or is it still takeoff/ landing from public property is prohibited? Thanks for your help.
  3. TXPilot

    Screen Glitch in DJI Go App

    Never tried it but thats probably going to be my next attempt, I'll let you know what my results are.
  4. TXPilot

    Screen Glitch in DJI Go App

    When dual operating Inspire 1 Pro, my video feed on the camera operator's control keeps freezing up, turning green, and glitching. The pilot's video feed is normal, the malfunction is only on the camera operator's controller. This has happened with 3 different iPad minis and 3 different...
  5. TXPilot

    USA Section 333 Closed Set Operations

    Thanks a lot, this is very helpful! From what other information I'm gathering, you are correct. Great example to use as well, much better than the 60 page versions I've been seeing. Again, I really appreciate your help.
  6. TXPilot

    USA Section 333 Closed Set Operations

    My company currently holds a 333 exemption and are now trying to file for a closed- set amendment to that exemption. Does anyone know how I go about requesting this amendment? Also, I know having a Motion Picture and Television Operations Manual (MPTOM) is required. Any suggestions as to what...