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14-42mm lens

  1. TrcDjProductions


    Hello all, I have a Olympus 14-42MM lens. M.Zuiko Digital 1:3.5-5.6 lens. What's happening is while viewing and/or recording I get wave on the images. It's like if you shake a bedsheet and you see the waves or ripples, that's what I'm seeing. I've tried recalibrating the gimble and a balancing...
  2. I

    14-42 lens test Part 2 it's long

    Part 2 of the pros & cons of the Olympus 14-42mm on the x5
  3. I

    Test shoot of the 14-42mm Lens Video.

    So was bad, and used the 14-42mm on a test shoot, The zoom pull wouldn't work as a cinematic shot, just wayyy too jumpy. Good for setups thought. has a zoom shot included Set up shots with zoom