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360 camera

  1. BMCG

    Mount at rear changes C o Gravity

    I am looking at ways to attach a 360 camera - Capture one- camera at the rear of my Inspire 1V2. Using a clamp and selfie stick with the camera attached Will change the centre of gravity. Slightly backwards I think . Do a counter balance this with more front loading ( small weights) Or let...
  2. Z

    Inspire 2 - New Mount and 360 Camera

    I made a new mount and this time the attachment piece swivels into place and is attached with a second screw. The 1/4-20 tripod adapter came and I can finally mount my Gear 360 camera! Of course its dark now, b but hoping to post footage tomorrow sometime. I'm also thinking I will need an...
  3. We Talk UAV

    The Latest from Go Pro Fussion- A 360 5.2K Camera

    A nice official announcement from Go Pro. Their latest offering involving a camera that shoots 360 degrees with a video at 5.2K at 30 FPS. What really rocks it is that it is a handheld device.