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360 pano

  1. J

    Aerial 360 panoramas at Beas de Guadix, Spain

    Last fryday i was driving back from a panoramic training course, and i saw a chance to get a panorama, so y leaved the main road, looked for a good place to take of, prepared the Inspire2 and waited for the sun between the clouds, i think it was worth and i like the panoramas, hope you like it...
  2. R

    what is your "pro" setup for making 360 panos?

    Hi guys, I fly Inspire 1 Pro with X5 and different lenses. I do many 360 panoramas and feel that hovering accuracy of I1 and X5 sensor are starting to hold me back a bit. So Im thinking to upgrade. To get ultimate photo quality, obvious choice would be Matrice 600 with Ronin-MX and some full...