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512gb ssd

  1. B


    Location: Denver, Colorado (USA) Shipping: Willing to ship anywhere within the USA I have 2 "like new", used less than 5 times, 512 GB SSDs for the X5R and 1 SSD reader for importing media. Willing to sell all three items for $800 OBO, or each SSD for $449 OBO. (2) 512 GB SSD for X5R - Retail...
  2. YeeaaBoii

    SOLD: X5R with a 512GB SSD and card reader

    I am parting the X5R from the Inspire 1 Pro kit I have listed for sale. Camera is in perfect shape and works flawlessly. It became our backup camera for our X5 since not many jobs required 4k raw video. Has only been flown a handful of times. Lens is NOT included. Kit includes: Zenmuse X5R...