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  1. Neil Mathew

    Vertical Studio - Looking for Beta Testers

    Hi Inspire Pilots, We’re Vertical, a start-up in the Bay Area and we're looking for beta testers for our app Vertical Studio. One of our biggest problems with aerial video was that filming landscapes and panoramas is easy, but filming close-up shots of stuff in action is ridiculously...
  2. CiRec

    Osmo in "fast moving action"

    Here is our first Clip. I have been missing some more action in most of the clips Ive seen so far, so I decided to do some "fast moving" tests ;) Of course, this one is far from being perfect! Nevertheless it would be great to hear your comments ;) IMHO this piece in combination with the X5R...
  3. U

    Third Party Gimble Camera's

    With the recent DJi release of the high end Zenmuse X5 and X5R I'm wondering if there is any developers working on cameras for us action fans who've been using the Go Pro models? I'm after a high speed HD camera with 120+ fps and an optical zoom that will fit on the Inspire 1, ideally as a swap...