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  1. F

    Hello from California, need some advice

    Hello Inspire pilots, I'm new here, and I'm from Southern California. I need some advice. I fly an inspire 2 with an x5s camera and 15mm (30mm) lens, and I want to upgrade to a X7. I found a guy selling a X7 ($900) and 16mm lens ($600) which is a real bargain. He knows that I'm scraping the...
  2. J

    Newbie from Switzerland needs help

    Hey, I'm form Switzerland and I recently received a DJI inspire 1 pro as a gift. I have been struggling to set it up for many hours now, despite watching multiple tutorial videos and reading the manual. My problem is that I cannot link the controller to the drone itself. When I connect the...
  3. 3

    ZENMUSE XT VS Flir Duo-R

    Hi I'm new to the thermal camera world and looking to get some opinions. In December I purchased an Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera-336/30HZ/9mm for my inspire 1. Haven't had a whole lot of time to really see what my camera can do but so far its been pretty cool. Today however I saw that Flir debuted...
  4. Rustysilverwings

    Broken white front tube on Inspire foot - trouble!

    I should have been more cautious, but trust and need overwhelmed my judgement. A hard landing broke one of the white tubes on the front landing feet. I asked about it and several folks said there was nothing inside such as an antenna, and it could be removed and replaced with something similar...
  5. S

    Has anyone taken off on top of a 50+ metre tall building before? A client is requesting that we do

    Hi everyone, A client has approached us with a job that would require taking off on top of a building that we're trying to get footage of, then flying out and away from the building while filming back towards us. I'm not sure how the rooftop would factor in terms of return to home working...