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agriculture mapping

  1. Brandon

    Drones for Ag Discussion on CommercialDronePilots

    Hey all. We've launched a new forum dedicated to commercial drone applications. Join the ag discussion with drone pilots using all kinds of drone platforms here: Commercial Drone Pilots Forum
  2. T

    Camera/Software Compatability

    Forgive me as I'm new to the platform. I am trying to find a straight answer as to the capability of a drone, camera, flight planning, and photo stitching software. My team and I trying to create drone maps however we are undecided as to which camera will work for our purposes. For this reason...
  3. D

    Pix4d Range Issues

    I am new to Pix4d. Just wondering if anyone has experienced any fly aways or any strange errors occurring while using pix4d and an inspire. I was told that the transmitter range is much much shorter than a standard flight with an inspire. Any intel would be greatly appreciated!