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  1. dronie

    Unique footage of a seaplane takeoff - Maldives

    I was several times given a unique opportunity by the captains of the seaplanes at the resort, to film their takeoff at sunrise. We did this in full cooperation with the captains and crew (no drone regulations are in effect), using a spotter and staying behind the aircraft at takeoff at all...
  2. J

    Firmware Issue: Red Updates in the status bar.

    Hi, I've spent hours searching and I have so far come up with no resolution. I unboxed my brand new Inspire 1 and proceeded to set up with the Go App, apparently the only way I can update the firmware for my aircraft. I went to the first on the list and updated the RC to the latest firmware...
  3. C

    Safe storage temperature?

    Has anyone found high temperatures (100+ degrees F) to be detrimental to the aircraft, batteries, controller, etc? I've got a job lined up for the late afternoon, and don't feel like making the trip to and from the 9 to 5 job only to pick up the Inspire and head right back to where I came from...