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  1. SilkyMilky

    USA Experience flying in DJI "Restricted Zone"?

    Hello, I fly commercially in the US, and was looking to see if anyone has flown in a DJI Geo-Zone "Restricted Zone". These zones are shown in red on this map DJI - The World Leader in Camera Drones/Quadcopters for Aerial Photography. They require special unlocking from DJI to fly there. I...
  2. Cactuswest

    Memorial Airport, Chandler AZ

    My friend and I went to an abandoned local airport to do some camera testing. Shot on Inspire 1 X5R. D Log and color corrected in FCPX with Color Finale and FCPX native color correction tools.
  3. Dronedrecht

    Close call at Schiphol Airport the Netherlands

    The pilots of three aircraft on Friday reported that close near their unit a drone was flying at the time they wanted at Schiphol countries. It would be two hoppers City KLM and easyJet device that wanted to land on the Zwanenburgbaan . After the reports which runway temporarily closed. Drones...
  4. Canuck32

    Calgary police charge drone operator flying in flight path of runways

    comments below story are interesting to say the least. I'm afraid this will be first of many that come. https://m.facebook.com/CalgaryPolice/posts/10153874656544530
  5. dopeytree

    TB48 Flying Abroad Experiences

    I've heard some airlines have written limits on batteries such as the TB48 but how have peoples real life experiences been with flying abroad with the inspire and TB48 batteries? Would particularly be interested in hearing about easyjet. Cheers