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  1. L

    DJI Matrice 210 RTK - Wrong Altitude : UPDATE

    UPDATE: 03/14/2018 DJI Repair - Accepted/Diagnosed - Brand New Matrice 210 RTK - Issue: Needs New: Barometer Board & Lower Barometer Cable (Under Warranty) So if you are having similar issues, send it in for reapair. The issue is software and hardware related. On the GO4 app, GPS Screen the...
  2. John

    Altitude Data is Wrong

    I've recently learned that my Inspire 1 (converted to a Pro) is recording the wrong altitude in each image's metadata. The controller, aircraft, camera, and DJI Go App all have the most current F/W version (v1.10.1.40 & v3.1.1.). Altitude @ ground level should be 145.992m (479' according to...
  3. A

    Flight Times at High Altitude

    Hi Folks, We have a potential client who is in Santiago in Chile and he is asking how the performance is affected by altitude. His altitude is typically about 3000m, therefore can anyone on this forum who lives or has had experience of flying at higher altitude please advise on the typical...