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auto flight logic

  1. marsmock

    AutoLogic AutoPilot Problems

    1. After we finish our flight plan in Ap we start Inspire 1 in DJI Go app to launch aircraft. We go to the altitude of first waypoint staying about 30 feet from first waypoint because we have to? After we achieve altitude and our 30 feet of 'awayness' we switch from P mode to F mode on...
  2. ChadAustin

    Hello from Hickory, NC, USA

    Hi, just joined. I've been an Inspire 1 owner for over a year. I've been shooting video for about 2 decades, and a recording artist for 30 years as well. After I shoot video, I usually custom score the music or soundtrack in my studio. I use both DJI GO and Auto Flight Logic. I also use an...
  3. GWS-66

    Auto Flight Logic 2.0 now available!