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autoflight logic

  1. M

    Autopilot (Hangar) Pano Mode Exposure Bands

    Hi All, This was the closest category I could find for this question, so if the moderator would like to move this to a more appropriate spot, please do so. I'm fairly new to Autopilot, so I'm assuming I'm missing something. In Pano Mode, I'm attempting to use Exposure Bands, the function which...
  2. marsmock

    AutoLogic AutoPilot Problems

    1. After we finish our flight plan in Ap we start Inspire 1 in DJI Go app to launch aircraft. We go to the altitude of first waypoint staying about 30 feet from first waypoint because we have to? After we achieve altitude and our 30 feet of 'awayness' we switch from P mode to F mode on...
  3. egoldy

    New How-To Video On Autopilot's Pano Mode

    Everyone, Enjoy this latest video from the Autopilot How-To Series that will walk you through all the capabilities added with the latest release around Pano Mode and Panorama’s via Waypoint Actions. Autopilot How-To Video: Pano Mode As an added bonus, based upon customer requests, I...
  4. A

    Aerial Video Shot Autonomously Driving Around Nichols Hills, Oklahoma

    I shot this video in Nichols Hills, Ok using Autoflight's Follow mode.
  5. egoldy

    New Multi-Controller App from Autoflight Logic - Control More Than One Quadcopter With One Transmitt

    Have you ever wanted to control more than one quadcopter with a single transmitter? We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of “MultiController” - part of Autoflight Logic’s Suite of applications which include Autopilot, Airspace, and Autoframe. This video demonstrates and introduces...