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  1. H

    Beautiful island of Maui Shot on Inspire 2

    Hey everyone! Just recently finished our newest Maui video! Check it out! Thanks again for all the input on great locations!
  2. R

    El Nido Islands Explo - Aerial 4K

    Hey fellow flyers, Each time my drone took off, I’ve come to enjoy exploring El Nido a whole lot more! So, I am sharing with you some of my aerial footage. Personally, I still prefer Coron (also in Palawan, Philippines) due to a lot more fish variety when snorkelling, a few Japanese shipwrecks...
  3. F

    Kitesurfing Slufter Beach - Maasvlakte Rotterdam by drone

    Please let me know if you like this vid...looking forward to see your comments or thumbs up!
  4. J

    First video, Bad transitions

  5. S

    Aerial Views of Anna Maria Island, Florida

    Went on vacation recently to Anna Maria Island, Florida and recorded the view with my original Inspire 1 on 3 different days. Some color grading done with Premier Pro. Definitely my favorite video yet! Enjoy and thanks for watching!
  6. rudolf samuel

    A day out with the Siberian Husky

  7. Bahamasky

    Awesome Inspire 1 Flying!