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  1. K3vin

    Want to buy black battery cover or battery

    looking for black battery cover or black tb47.. hit me up
  2. Terry Power

    Tampa Bay, Florida

    Good morning all.....after a few months working with a Phantom 4 I pulled the trigger on a Inspire Pro Black edition. Very excited about the camera. I know I burned some extra cash on the black, but the "wow factor" that customers get is almost worth it. :p I'm Part 107 certified (long time...
  3. A

    Inspire 1 Black Edition real pics (+acce) + Phantom 3 4K

    Detail Spec of Phantom 3 4K has been available on store page, additionally some real pics for Inspire 1 Black Edition found Spec of Phantom 3 4K: DJI - The World Leader in Camera Drones/Quadcopters for Aerial Photography And keep an eye on this for black edition too! Inspire 1 - Aircraft | DJI