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  1. S

    Matrice 100 firmware update bricked the device

    Hi, I have a DJI Matric 100 and yesterday I tried updating its firmware to version 1.3.1. At first I tired updating with Assistant V2 using a pc, and everything was going fine until it failed with "connection error" and started beeping and the pc wont recognize the device anymore. In Device...
  2. U

    Video not working on gimbals. Inspire 2 HELP!!!

    I have inspire 2 with both the X7 and X5s. It was working great but then I updated the firmware to the latest and now when I try to switch to video mode the image cuts to black and white and it freezes up. The drone can fly fine and the gimbal is able to move but the image is frozen and I don’t...
  3. M

    Full battery (T47) but wont power up Inspire [video]

    I got an Inspire from a friend and they bricked both batteries when updating the frimware. I was able to reset them and get them to charge. The T48 powers it up and works fine but the T47 will power it up for a second, beep, and then turn itself back off. The T47 will stay on when not...
  4. heli-insane

    TB-47 Inspire 1 Batteries Bricked!

    I felt I should share my experience with DJI customer support and the lack of help I have received. Last year I bought an Inspire 1 and 4 TB-47 batteries on August 1st 2015. I purchased the batteries from my rc helicopter sponsor RC Aerodyne. The inspire 1 was purchased for an aerial...
  5. D

    Disposing of "Bricked Battery"

    I purchased a TB47 Battery in March 2015, bringing to 5 the number of batteries I had for my I1. I have used a combination of a Smart Powercharge unit and a light discharge system to carefully follow the rules for looking after LiPo's. I usually rotated through the 5 batteries so I believe it...