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  1. Gemini_Aerospace

    Hello from the midwest! Where are you from and why do you like it there?

    New to this page, but not new to the Drone Industry. I'd like to know about you...
  2. Presman

    USA Ariel Photography Business

    Hello and Thank you for your time! I need all the advice that I can get as I am new to this... I am 16 years old and trying to start an ariel photography business. I have an inspire one and several years of experience with drones including DJI. I just completed my FAA test a couple weeks ago and...
  3. Presman

    USA Professional pilots policies

    Hello and thank you for your time! I'm just starting my drone photography business and I'm looking for advice and help on what I should be worried about as far as policies or (legal) things I should be worried about. Do I need to have a contract for my customers to sign? And how would I go about...
  4. SkipTV

    FIGHT the Drone Federalism Bill and save your business

    DUGN Call To Action: Fight Drone Legislation, help beat the Drone Federalism Act - sUAS News - The Business of Drones
  5. SkipTV

    Death to us all: DRONE FEDERALISM ACT

    This bill by Diane Feinstein Senator of California. Takes any authority the FAA has over Drones and puts it in the hands of local towns/cities/states. This means that your local politician who is not much better than some condominium board rep, someone without a clue about drones will be setting...
  6. U

    Costs for cover??

    Can everyone give me an idea of policies and costs they have for insuring Drones (Inspire 1 X5 and Mavic Pro). Trying to work out the average for business plan. Thanks,
  7. G

    USA Still Confused

    I am still a bit confused. I want to fly my drone for farmers and realtors. I went on the FFA site and found that I can get a commercial license for my business to fly a drone. If I buy this license do I still need a 333 exemption? If I have a private single engine pilots license will I still...
  8. JPod10

    Hi from the Chicago area

    Greetings, Just recently joined after the recommendation from a co-worker who'd pretty passionate about the technology. Nice to meet all of you! I ordered an inexpensive Syma the other day to start playing around with. But I'm also very interested in the entrepreneurial aspect of drones/UAVs...
  9. Jose Soliz

    Seeking Pilots in Edmonton and Vancouver to refer to client shooting in Early August

    I have a client in Houston, TX that is traveling to Edmonton in early August to shoot a wedding and then to Vancouver. I am unable to travel that week, but would like to provide him with a few referrals in both areas so that he can utilize aerial photo and video for both shoots. I look forward...
  10. D

    3DR re-Orients to the Corporate Market

    I thought this was very interesting news out of 3DR. Drone-maker 3D Robotics cuts jobs, refocuses on corporate market I know I considered the SOLO, over a P3 or used Inspire 1.... but the lack of an integrated camera was a deal killer for me. Still, it's a bummer to see this competitor...
  11. Oscen

    Working without Certification (UK)

    Hi all, I deliberated posting this in the certified pilots section, but I was unsure, so here goes.. I realise a lot of you, especially the certified guys, have some animosity towards "cowboy" pilots. However, although I think I already know the answer, I feel you guys are the best to answer...
  12. Florida Drone LLC

    Real Estate Drone Video - Business for Sale

    We used a lot of the same footage from the promo video we did for this company a couple of months ago. Promoting and then selling the business was all part of their initial plan. Our drone videos have helped them to make a LOT of money and they expect a quick and more profitable sale. I also...