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  1. B

    I2 Landing Accuracy?

    Should my I2 return home to the same position it launched from on my Orange H Pad every time? If: * Low / No Wind * VPS Calibrated * P-Mode * Stable lighting conditions (Sunny on ground) If currently lands about 1-2feet off center from take off position. Is this an acceptable variation...
  2. dronie

    Inspire 2 - Gimbal Noise During Calibration

    Gimbal Noise on latest fw. After updating my gimbal now makes a loud grinding noise when calibrating (both on 12 & 45 mm). After calibration the noise stop. Does anybody else get this? Is it ok for it to make this grinding noise it never did before - or know how to fix it? Thanks.
  3. P

    Compass Calibration

    Quote-Editor: 'Compass Calibration does not need to be done each flight either.' So I can be perfectly/confident & my thinking is correct on this matter. As I have been going to the one location often does that mean I don't need to Compass Calibrate my I1 on each occasion at that spot please...
  4. dronie

    Focus issues with video DLOG/CINE - out of focus. VIDEO

    Focus issues with your X5? I have calibrated my lens (Oly 12mm) over and over and checked focus is ok when shooting photos. But as soon as you shoot video in DLOG or CINE, something weird happens. Attached is a JPG (f/6.3) - close, but not the sharpest aperture but serves the purpose here -...
  5. D

    Final and detailed guide on X5 "lens calibration"

    In common with many Inspire 1 pilots, I have been confused for a long time by the idea of lens calibration. I didn’t have a clue what it meant, why I needed to do it, and how to do it reliably. So I decided to investigate and test – and here is what I found…. Firstly, a “lens calibration” is a...